The Plastic Surgery Channel

The Plastic Surgery Channel

The Plastic Surgery Channel is a company devoted exclusively to educational and entertaining programming about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Their goal is to provide credible, up-to-date information to people considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure, as well as coverage of the latest news and hot topics from the field of plastic surgery. Unlike shows you might see on television, the programming on The Plastic Surgery Channel does not strive to be sensationalist, focusing solely on extreme cases, nor is it solely devoted to a documentary-style overview of various medical procedures. Rather, they strive to inform — and in some cases entertain — viewers by providing relevant, engaging content that covers all facets of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They rely on experienced, board certified leaders in the field as content consultants, and conduct substantive research to verify the accuracy of the articles and videos that they present.

Videos by this author

Cosmetic Gynecology Is No Longer Taboo

Dr. Christine Hamori illustrates the reasons and methods for Cosmetic Gynecology

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss - Lower Body lift

Dr Peter Rubin of The Plastic Surgery Channel describes a Lower Body Lift surgical procedure

How to Fix a Drooping Jawline or Jowls

Dr. Patrick Sullivan of The Plastic Surgery describes various surgical options to correct a drooping jawline and jowls

What is a Facelift?

What is a Facelift?

21 June 2012

Dr. Brett Snyder of The Plastic Surgery Channel describes what a facelift is and what it involves.

Five Ways to Prevent and Heal Scars

Dr Robert Grant of The Plastic Surgery Channel illustrates 5 ways of minimizing scarring post surgery

3D imaging in plastic surgery

The next horizon for plastic surgery is 3D imaging. We live in a 3D world - so why not do your consult in 3D?